Meet the Team


Louise is our Office Manager and first smile you see when you enter the clinic. She also does Body Scan Analysis and will talk you through and set up Light Therapy appointments. She met Carrie at netball and quickly found a shared love of all things organisational…. and excel sheets! Louise and her husband have two daughters and enjoy day tripping around the local beaches.


Carrie is an Emmett Therapist and founder of Mandurah Body Mechanics. She fell in love with Emmett after a knee injury threatened her netball career. Emmett was the only thing that helped her get back on the court and from then on she was intrigued and had to learn more. When she isn’t treating our wonderful clients she can be found spending time with Mr Body Mechanics and their three children … or on the netball court!


We are very lucky to have Remedial Massage Therapist Meg working for us full time at Mandurah Body Mechanics. Meg has over 12 years experience and as her clients know… you have to book ahead to get an appointment! Meg is also training in the Emmett Therapy and Rehabilitation field.
When Meg isn’t working on helping our muscles she can be found spending time with her GORGEOUS dogs on the beach or weaving her way around a hockey field.


Jesse joined us in 2018 for a week of work experience as part of the Mandurah Baptist College Year 10 programme…. She was too good to let go… so we employed her to help out twice a week in the clinic after school. It was about this time we started our Instagram marketing…. Lets just say we would be lost without our little Gen Z here!


Justine is a wealth of knowledge in many modalities! She is our go-to when we need advice on almost anything. Justine is a qualified Kinesiologist & Naturopath and has a range of natural health products available for sale from the clinic. Most of her time outside of work is spent on the family farm or as a taxi driver for her three extremely talented children who are involved in many aspects of the community.