Are you ready to transform the person you see in the mirror?

Have you tried every fad diet under the sun?

Sick of letting food control you?

Are you ready to the love the person in the mirror again?

then keep reading…..


Holistic Nutrition is based on the 50 / 50 approach to help you not only reach your goals, but transition into healthy habits for the long haul.

Weight loss is:
• 50% Method
• 50% Mindset

Many of us think that if we only had more “willpower” or found the right diet that we would be successful, but the truth is that we have to shift our mindset about our relationship with ourselves & food and shift our nutrition & habits to get our body in balance.

When we focus on making changes in these 2 areas, our minds and bodies are working TOGETHER and weight loss & management is EASY!

First, let’s look at why we struggle with weight loss….

1. We eat too much
– We eat to many calories vs what our bodies needs

2. We eat the wrong foods
– Most people are not eating quality food (it is highly refined, high glycemic processed foods
– They also do not balance meals (protein, fibre, fat)

3. We eat too often
– Eating 6 – 12 times a day (that includes mints, snacks, bites, etc)
– Along with eating too much and eating a high glycemic or processed food diet, this does not give our bodies time to tap into stored fat
– Insulin (storage hormone – released so blood sugar won’t go too high. When elevated our body cannot tap into and burn stored fat)
– Glucagon (release hormone – released so blood sugar won’t go too low. When elevated our body can tap into stored glucose and burn stored fat)

4. We aren’t following programs or habits that we can stick to for life
– Results are a compound effect of daily habits over time (consistency)
– We must make it easy and simple to follow

5. We don’t address WHY we have an issue with food, weight or our relationship with ourselves
– If we don’t know the cause of our weight problem, we can not change it
– We think if we just find the “right” plan, we can stick to it
– We can’t see ourselves as fit and healthy so we will go back to what is familiar (aka being overweight)

All of these actions can lead to imbalanced blood sugar, insulin resistance, constant cravings, a poor relationship with food and poor body image. Then we throw in the towel because we are starving and feel like “what is the point?!”.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can give your the tools to tackle all these problems, so commit now for future with a healthy, happier you!

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